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Mar 2, 2014 9:00pm EST
of the american mainstream. you know, ailes said that obama hates capitalism and th into thn energy. they have hammered the solyndra bankruptcy but it's emblematic they want to get control of the economy. i think the health care debate and that the was something that was accepted in the popular culture and wasn't just relegated but the idea that whether they had the was a legitimate point of the health care debate is because fox was pushing aggressively. what's interesting is the candidacy and the election changed the mission of fox news great i interviewed someone very close to ailes who told me prior to the candidacy, ailes saw himself competing with cnn, msnbc, "new york times." fox was the counterbalance in the american media. but with obama's rise he saw something different and fall the america that he knew as a child and as an adult changing and he saw the mission really pick in front of the white house and it became a personal mission where he was standing up to the president and that is where i opened the book with an exchange that took place at the white house in 2011 at the holiday p
Mar 1, 2014 10:00pm EST
stricter environmental laws. if you look at europe they have much higher taxes on gasoline and energy use and the idea that america would go down these other forms of policy choices ailes sees america as a different country and fox is a network that is speaking to those americans who feel that america should not be open to other ways of governing itself. so race is one part of it and the idea that obama is a black president was addressing whatever past injustice to place has done away with this idea that we should have affirmative action, civil rights but it's not limited to race. i think race is one wedge issue that he uses. >> host: again he may regard him as a socialist but you don't really know his views on race particularly with obama are do you? >> guest: i'm addressing this notion that he said obama's presidency means we don't have to have the civil rights movement anymore. roger ailes has lacked friends and this is not an issue of lack versus white or african-american specifically but the view that the politics around race the idea that as a country we should have political sensit
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2